Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Chunky Bar

        "This month I’ve hijacked the blog from Yani, since she is wrong about her opinion of the Chunky bar. The Chunky is an unsung hero that people who don’t like nuts in their candy just can’t appreciate the subtlety of. These people are obviously crazy, so we feel no hesitation or remorse when we kick them off their own blog. When a light, yet creamy chocolate mixes willingly with raisins and peanuts, anyone who objects clearly has issues they have yet to deal with. Raisins and peanuts in a candy bar practically make it a health food, which is, of course, why I feel no guilt eating several.
"A little known fact is that when this candy bar was developed by Philip Silvershein in the 1930s, it was originally in the shape of a pyramid. Due to packing difficulties, the top was cut off, leaving the four-square shape that we have today. The peanuts used to be the more expensive cashews and Brazil nuts, lending to what I can only assume would have been a richer flavor. As I consumed the rest of Yani’s that she could not be bothered to finish, I thought about those of us who have been cut in half by life. Be it our family, our friends, work, or just the cruelty of time, some of us are cut down so much so that we are unable to stand tall. Our innards are sacrificed for cheaper, less impressive ones so that our true selves are not known. Even to those we love and trust, we end up hiding the intrigue we could be offering, and we trade it in for the more socially acceptable option that costs less for others to enjoy, but costs most for us to live with. Over time, it’s a wonder anyone ever would guess that once upon a past life, we possessed decadence and mystery worth speaking of. That though the price is higher, we are worth it."

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