Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Zero Bar

To all my fellow candy enthusiasts, chocolate lovers and aspiring non-food critics, this blog is dedicated to you. 

This month, Yani and I are revisiting the Zero bar. The Zero bar boasts of white fudge coating over a nutty nougat. The wrapper is pleasing to the eye. The name is ominous, if not humble. But the taste is nothing if not unremarkable. In our quest to find the perfect unsung hero of candy bars, the Zero bar falls far short of the desired flawlessness.
Upon opening the package, the bar smacked of high fructose corn syrup and stale nougat. Stale is the most appropriate word I can think of, because even though it was nowhere near it's expiration date, the car smelled old. Like it had been sitting under newspapers. In fact, I dare say that if I had not known it was a candy bar, I would not be able to tell what it was just by the scent.
White chocolate is a tricky animal. Done wrong, it can taste bland with nothing but a chalky residue and a grimace to remember it by.
Calories are precious, dear friends. Spend them wisely and skip the Zero Bar.

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